Fred Holden Cup

Find below information on this years Fred Holden Cup 2019 -2020 season:

  • Fred Holden First Round

    The following teams have been drawn to play in the First Round of the Fred Holden Team Handicap competition.
    This competition is to be played w/c Monday 18th November 2019



    Whalley Hawks

    Best Centre Jets


    Best Centre Raptors

    Whalley Eagles

    Whalley Kestrels

    KSB A

    Late Starters

    Past Masters B

    HTTC A

    KSB B / KSB G

    Just for Fun

    Whalley Kites

    HTTC B

    KSB F

    Ramsbottom B


    Doals A

    HTTC C

    Best Centre Phantoms


    East Lancs

    K Ward Plumbers

    KSB D

    Past Masters A

    Whalley Merlins

    Spin Doctors

    Ramsbottom A

    KSB E

    The Lions

    KSB Juniors


    The scorecards for this completion are printed in the handbook. Some will be made available at the Sports Centre.

    Grant Saggers will update team’s individual handicaps and I will distribute these to team secretaries in due course.

    If you have registered a player and he/she does not have a handicap please make sure that Grant or myself are aware so that we can remedy this.


    Fred Holden First Round Results  

  • 2019 – 20  RESULTS

  • Home


    Whalley Hawks  408

    Best Centre Jets  401

    Slayers  452

    Best Centre  Raptors  487

    Whalley Eagles  436

    Whalley Kestrels  379

    KSB A

    Late Starters

    Past Masters B  441

    HTTC A  463

    KSB B 489

    Just for Fun  477

    Whalley Kites  569

    HTTC B  576

    KSB F  564

    Ramsbottom B  533

    Hyndburners  291

    Doals A  311

    HTTC C

    Best Centre Phantoms

    Rovers  345

    East Lancs  395

    K Ward Plumbers  437

    KSB D  386

    Past Masters A  441

    Whalley Merlins  463

    Spin Doctors  424

    Ramsbottom A  459

    KSB E  429

    The Lions  469

    KSB Juniors  508

    Brierfield  604

    Mike Turner  -  Fixtures Secretary