Fred Holden Cup

Find below information on this years Fred Holden Cup:

  • First Round Draw

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    Past Masters ‘C’  w/o


    Clitheroe w/o

    Whalley Harriers

    KSB ‘D’

    Old Masters

    Best Centre Jets  564

    Doals Vikings  570

    Rolling Doals

    HTTC ‘B’ +26

    Doals Titans  637

    Whalley Kites 646

    KSB ‘B’  555

    Whalley Merlins  492

    KSB ‘C’  547

    Best Centre Phantoms  548

    Ramsbottom Ladies  293

    Lions  463

    Hyndburners  549

    Slayers  486

    Whalley Eagles  w/o

    Ramsbottom ‘A’

    KSB ‘A’  466

    KSB ‘E’  469

    Whalley Hawks 446

    Doals Marauders  437

    Spin Doctors  407

    K Ward Plumbers  429

    Past Masters ‘A’  539

    KSB ‘F’  512

    East Lancs  400

    Whalley Kestrels  397

  • Second Round Draw
  • To be played w/c Monday 22nd January
  • Home


    Old Masters


    The Lions

    Doals Vikings

    K Ward Plumbers

    HTTC ‘B’

    Best Centre Phantoms

    KSB ‘B'

    Whalley Eagles

    Past Masters ‘C’

    Whalley Hawks

    Past Masters ‘A'

    East Lancs

    KSB ‘E’

    Whalley Kites